Volkswagen Future Active Mobility

The project is set in 2039’s megacities, where Volkswagen sets out to emphasis the ‘Volk’ in its name, by offering an including service, with a whole new range of purpose specific vehicles, which the user can then book whenever needed. One of these is an active mobility vehicle called, (((O))). The initial inspiration for this is the changing landscape of mobility, where technologies such as autonomous and shared systems, could allow for purpose specific vehicles rather than personally owned ones.

Through two modes the user can decide to exercise body or mind while being transported. This is done by the usage of mixed realities which relates with the passing surrounds. The project hereby links the digital world with the real one, in order to create new notions of what a more engaging travel
experience could be in the future.

Project sponsoring: Volkswagen AG
Master Thesis Transportation Design
Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden

Download the full project here.