Volvo Sense

The Volvo Sense Concept is an autonomously driven on-demand service, which enhances passengers’ wellbeing during everyday commute. The vehicle can be shared between two people that are matched with their selected commute mode (calming, energising) prior to getting picked up. The passengers are seated facing each other but not face-on, which is inviting for a conversation between passengers, but not enforcing it. Traditional screen interactions are replaced with Canvas UI. Canvas UI provides tactile adjustment of the personal space. In vehicle experience is focusing on person’s wellbeing rather than keeping a person up to date with social media, news, etc. The Volvo Sense concept points towards a future commute scenario, where time to be unproductive is at the essence and where premium and shared experiences go hand in hand. Concept was made in collabroation with fellow interaction students, Camillia Näsholm, Borut Kerzic (Interaction) and transportation student Anja Didrichsons (Exterior), while my focus was the interior design.